Fentanyl Overdoses In Hospitals

There have been a series of deaths at Ohio hospitals and experts are questioning is pharmaceutical fentanyl is to blame? Ohio is one of the leading states when it comes to the opioid crisis, 3 out of 4 deaths in Ohio is from illicit fentanyl use. Mount Carmel has recently made headlines when twelve dozen patients overdosed in early 2014.

The proper dosage for pharmaceutical fentanyl can vary, from weight, or tolerance to opioids.

Mount Carmel says Dr. William Husel was fired after ordering “significantly excessive and potentially fatal” doses of fentanyl to his patients. In documents it was said all the patients were near-death, later after intense investigation it was determined that five patients could have improved or been given alternative pain medication.

Researchers have found many problems with pharmaceutical fentanyl in the hospital setting. Many times patients are being prescribed drugs when they shouldn’t be, they have an unfavorable risk. There are other alternatives to high doses of opioids/ pharmaceutical fentanyl for treating pain.

Recently, administrators at Mount Carmel said that they are limiting the availability of opioids in the automated medication dispensing systems. They have also started keeping track of prescriptions of high doses that doctors and nurses are giving.

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